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Alexander Quartet brings old-school virtues to traditional program – Nov 21, 2019

Somewhere, there is probably still a Chinese restaurant where you order […]

Flutist Ferguson, RUCKUS go back to the future with big-band Bach – Nov 18, 2019

The first thing one noticed when Emi Ferguson entered Corpus Christi […]

Muti, Chicago Symphony mine fresh gold in kaleidoscopic Prokofiev – Nov 17, 2019

Old was new and new was old in the Chicago Symphony […]

Carol Wincenc fêtes a 50-year career with a pair of world premieres – Nov 13, 2019

The most memorable things about flutist Carol Wincenc’s 50th anniversary concert […]

Schumann Quartet gets serious in Chamber Music Society program – Nov 09, 2019

Happily, the term “serious music” has gone out of fashion to […]

Salonen delivers a podium master class in music of Hindemith and Salonen – Nov 07, 2019

“When, oh when will we hear Salonen’s Hindemith?” This may have […]

Cappella Pratensis serves up a Dutch treat with epic Obrecht mass – Oct 28, 2019

Imagine opening the score of Beethoven’s Fifth to the first page […]

Les Arts Florissants shocks and awes with Gesualdo’s sacred madrigals – Oct 21, 2019

Darkness, fog, and drizzle prevailed over New York Sunday afternoon, veiling […]

Haydn, Strauss match wits in Mälkki’s Philharmonic program – Oct 19, 2019

In an inspired bit of programming, Friday’s concert by the New […]

176 keys makes for beautiful musical friendship at Carnegie Hall – Oct 17, 2019

It used to be that when musicians became star concert artists, […]