Archive for January, 2018

Music of Salonen and Debussy provide the highlights in Mälkki’s Philharmonic program – Jan 12, 2018

“Warhorse” is a term of art in classical music, used to […]

Critic’s Choice – Jan 10, 2018

The top choice for classical music to begin January is, as […]

“‘Acquanetta’ explodes from the screen!” at Prototype Festival – Jan 10, 2018

There are premieres, then there are premieres. No one in their […]

Alagna and Kurzak make Met’s devastating “Pagliacci” a night to remember – Jan 09, 2018

Few evenings at the Metropolitan Opera are so bottom-heavy as the […]

Thorvaldsdottir’s voice stands out among emerging trends at CONTACT! – Jan 09, 2018

While hosting the first CONTACT! 2017-18 concert for the New York […]

Weilerstein is sharp in Philharmonic’s soft-focus program with Kahane – Jan 05, 2018

When the Los Angeles-based conductor and pianist Jeffrey Kahane led and […]

Yoncheva triumphs in premiere of Met’s new and dazzling “Tosca” – Jan 01, 2018

The story was so bandied about that it became common wisdom, […]


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