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Thu Feb 16, 2017 at 11:22 am
Photo: Ari Rossner

Photo: Ari Rossner

A piano recital by Piotr Anderszewski is always an intimate experience, whether he’s playing massive works or Chopin Mazurkas, in the grandest hall or a small classroom. A lot of thought goes into it—in fact, the pianist takes periodic sabbaticals from performing in public to refresh his mind and his art.

Returning from one of those walkabouts to play in Carnegie Hall this Friday, Anderszewski brings music by Mozart, Chopin, and Bach—in that order, inverting one convention of recital programming right there. Mozart’s emotionally fraught Fantasy in C minor and Sonata in the same key, Chopin’s elusive Polonaise-Fantasy, Op. 61, and Bach’s graceful English Suite No. 6 in D minor offer both attractive surfaces and hidden depths, and Anderszewski can be expected to do justice to both. And yes, Chopin Mazurkas are also on the bill.

Piotr Anderszewski performs 8 p.m. Friday at Carnegie Hall. carnegiehall.org212-247-7800.

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