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Tue Apr 05, 2016 at 12:58 pm
Joseph Byrd. c.1968

Joseph Byrd. c.1968

The Kitchen performance space, in its various locations and iterations, has presented and fostered some of the most important movements across the contemporary performing arts. Like a microcosm of 18th-century Vienna, the Kitchen was the place where minimalism thrived in its early years.

Lovers of both minimalism and history should head to the Kitchen’s current Chelsea home this weekend, where on the American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME) will present “From Minimalism into Algorithm.” The concerts will feature enduring masterpieces of early minimalism, as well as music from accomplished and important composers who, through the vagaries of time, have undeservedly been lost to short-term memories.

Saturday, ACME will play Steve Reich’s Violin Phase, Philip Glass’s Piece in the Shape of a Square, arranged for two violas, and Water Music and Animals, music from Fluxus composer, Joseph Byrd. On Sunday, the program is Meredith Monk’s recent Stringsongs, the welcome appearance of The Holy Presence of Joan D’Arc for 10 cellos, by Julius Eastman, and Charlemagne Palestine will lead his monumental Strumming Music.

ACME presents From “Minimalism into Algorithm” at The Kitchen, 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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