Curtain rings down on Gotham Chamber Opera

Thu Oct 01, 2015 at 5:33 pm
Gotham Chamber Opera performed "Baden Baden" Wednesday night at John Jay College.

In 2013 Gotham Chamber Opera performed “Baden Baden,” a recreation of works premiered at a 1927 German festival.

Gotham Chamber Opera is shutting its doors, effectively immediately.

The announcement was made by Beatrice Broadwater, president of the company’s board of directors, who said that a large deficit was too much to overcome. “In early summer, the company’s new executive director, Edward Barnes, uncovered a significant deficit that was not previously disclosed to the board, “ said Broadwater in a released statement. “We do not have, nor do we anticipate having, sufficient donations and pledges that would enable continued operations of the company.”

The 15-year-old company quickly carved out a niche on the city’s music scene with its focus on new works, neglected 20th-century operas and edgy stagings that provided a showcase for young singers.

“I am proud to have founded Gotham Chamber Opera,” said artistic director Neal Goren. “The company’s fifteen year lifespan has been an extraordinary run, and we have been fortunate to be a part of New York City’s cultural landscape. We are grateful to all of our generous donors, collaborators and attendees, and thank them for their support.”

All future Gotham Chamber Opera productions have been cancelled, and the board is meeting to determine the steps to wrap-up the organization’s affairs.

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  1. Posted Oct 01, 2015 at 11:04 pm by Sato Moughalian

    Sadly, much of the responsibility falls to the previous executive director, who failed to budget productions properly, spent restricted funds on general operating expenses, and left the company without having properly accounted the liabilities, leaving them for his successor to discover.

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