Critic’s Choice – Apr 07, 2015

Amid the many attractions of Carnegie Hall’s extensive “Before Bach” series, the…

Critic’s Choice – Apr 01, 2015

Western classical music and Christianity are inextricably and beneficially linked, with roots

Critic’s Choice – Mar 25, 2015

The Argento Ensemble’s “Mahler as New York Contemporary” series has been one…

Critic’s Choice – Mar 19, 2015

Michael Finnissy is one of the finest contemporary composers, and his music

Critic’s Choice – Mar 11, 2015

Instead of the artificial distinction drawn between “classical” and “new” music, we…

Critic’s Choice – Mar 03, 2015

Why stop at the coldest February in memory? This Thursday night, at Scandinavia House…

Critic’s Choice – Feb 24, 2015

Why should early music have all the fun? The timbres and tunings…

Critic’s Choice – Feb 18, 2015

The publicity material for this Saturday’s Carnegie Hall concert from Trinity Wall Street use…

Critic’s Choice – Feb 11, 2015

It takes little critical imagination to recommend an appearance by mezzo-soprano Joyce

Critic’s Choice – Feb 03, 2015

Other than the voice, there is no musical instrument more fundamental than